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We are a growing business that specializes in graphic design solutions.

Our Work Flow


In most cases, we will estimate your project within 48 hours of your request for a quote. Keep in mind that a “quote” for a project is merely an “estimate” of what the project will cost based on the information you have provided to us and our agreement with you on what the end product will be.

Incidental charges

Incidental charges may also be added to a quote at a later time. Incidental charges are fees that are added to the quote for costs that are incurred after the quote has been given to you. Incidental charges are usually the result of changes that the client makes while we are working on the project. However, there may be an occasion when the designer will incur an additional charge to the client with regard to design/printing issues.


Estimating your project involves both in-house fees and outsourcing fees. In-house fees include the consultation fee, computer time, photography, designer’s time and a management fee among other items. Outsourcing fees include items such as printer’s charge, bindery and delivery charge.

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